Sushi-Grade Status

Mar 14 2023

Bluehouse Salmon is sushi-grade, keeping your heart healthy and happy. But what does “sushi-grade” actually mean?

Fish labeled “sushi-grade” means that it has been judged to be safe for raw consumption. The title is also associated with a high level of quality and freshness. In other words, in addition to baking your Bluehouse Salmon filet or cooking it on the pan, you can slice it up and add it to poké bowls or even use it to make DIY sushi and sashimi!

Bluehouse Salmon’s sushi-grade quality makes it versatile because you can eat it in so many different ways and incorporate it into a variety of recipes across numerous cuisines. Unlike other types of salmon that are not considered “sushi-grade”, Bluehouse Salmon provides you with the convenience of ready-to-eat sashimi.

In terms of nutrition, sushi-grade salmon in particular has a wealth of omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to heart health. Furthermore, eating raw salmon can also preserve the fatty acids more so than cooked salmon.

Because it’s raised in Florida closer than ever before to local grocers and seafood counters, Bluehouse Salmon is never frozen. Since the fish never undergoes a freezing process, every bite offers freshness you can taste!

Keep your heart healthy by purchasing Bluehouse Salmon and discover the unique ways that you can bring your sushi-inspired recipes to life!

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