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We deliver freshness you can taste.

Fresh, never frozen

Ready to grill, sear, or bake, our fresh fillets have a rich, mild buttery flavor that pairs well with everything.

Easy to heat, ready to eat

From sashimi to smoked salmon and pre-made meals, we make it easy to put salmon on the table.

We love our Oceans,
which is why we let them be.


We’re happily raising exquisite salmon on land in Florida, and sending super fresh fish to eaters across the USA.

Super Taste

Sushi-grade and delicious grilled, seared, baked, or raw with a rich, mild buttery flavor that pairs well with everything.

No Antibiotics

It’s just how we operate — no hormones, no antibiotics, no parasites, no pressure.

Heart Healthy

Rich in Omega 3s, our salmon is clean, low-calorie protein that’s low in saturated fats so you can eat it every week.

Ocean Safe

Our salmon is rated Best Choice by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, SeaChoice and Ocean Wise.

Planet Friendly

Our USA-raised super salmon use less resources and reach you at a fraction of imported salmon’s carbon footprint.

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Our salmon is your new superfood. USA-raised and ocean safe, you’ll always know exactly where your salmon is coming from.

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