Summer Grilling Season is Here!

Jul 10 2024


Brush off that grill and get ready to barbecue your favorite salmon recipes all summer long.

Summer BBQ season is so much more than just the food on the grill. It is about gathering with the people you care about most to share a delicious meal together outdoors in the seasonal weather. At Bluehouse, we always think salmon is a good idea and it tastes even better when you can roast it outdoors with good company.

We asked our Brand Ambassador Dennis Prescott, for some tips on the perfect grilled salmon – it’s best to set your burners to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, oil the grill grates, and cook to temperature. Dennis recommends getting a medium doneness, to reach around 135-140 degrees F (checking with a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the salmon). Together with some pro tips and your meat thermometer, your salmon will cook perfectly. Leave you and your guests craving summer grilled salmon every night.

Whether you are a grill master or an amateur cook, grilling is the perfect way to fire up any meal this summer. Spice up your salmon recipes and get outside. We can’t think of a better way to spend the season.

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