Mental Health Awareness Month: Why Seafood is Brain Food

May 18 2023

Did you know that the most common mental health conditions include anxiety and depression, which affect at least 6% of adults in the United States? The food we choose to eat every day has the same impact on our mental health as other forms of self-care like exercising, socializing, and getting enough rest. That’s right, good nutrition can actually be vital for those suffering from depression. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re deep diving into the various benefits that salmon has for our wellbeing. Not only is this delicious, protein-rich fish a delight for our taste buds, but it also works wonders for our brains! 

In fact, people who eat fish are 20% less likely than their peers to have depression. And we can’t forget about the omega-3 fatty acids abundantly found in salmon, which promote optimal brain function, reduce anxiety and give your brain the spotlight it deserves. Over the past 20 years, dozens of studies evaluating more than 20,000 cases of depression have shown that eating 8-12 oz. of fish per week (about 2-3 servings) and/or consuming omega-3 fish oil supplements significantly reduces the risk for major depression. Even the American Psychiatric Association endorsed the fatty acids in fish as an effective part of depression treatment.

Salmon is an excellent source of lean protein and omega-3s, but it’s also a superfood that provides important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc. With Bluehouse Salmon, you can keep your mind, heart, and soul healthy! 

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