Guest Blog from Dr. Jen Caudle: Foods That Support Your Immune System

Sep 14 2021

Dr. Jen Caudle Teams Up with Bluehouse Salmon and nutrition expert, Keri Glassman to talk about immune-supporting foods.

I’m thrilled to team up with Bluehouse Salmon and nutrition expert, Keri Glassman, to talk about immune-supporting foods. Now more than ever, immunity has been a hot topic of conversation in our everyday lives. There are ways, however, to support your immune system simply by eating the correct foods.

Immune-supporting foods come in many different forms. Fortunately, salmon checks all the boxes for getting in vital vitamins and nutrients that play a large part in building immunity. Salmon contains a high-quality protein that includes all of the essential amino acids for human health. Protein is especially important for healing and recovery. Bluehouse Salmon is filled with Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential in supporting the immune system. Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation in the body and support healing. In fact, studies have shown that fish oil enhances white blood cell activity, creating a stronger and more regulated immune system.

In today’s world, fighting off invasive bacteria is very important. Zinc, found in salmon, helps the immune system fight off these invading bacteria and viruses. Salmon also has high amounts of Vitamin A, which can help regulate the immune system and fight infections by keeping the respiratory system healthy. Bluehouse Salmon contains 7.54mg of calcium, which plays an important role in keeping the immune system balanced.

Aside from having necessary nutrients and vitamins, Bluehouse Salmon also has zero hormones, antibiotics, and very low mercury levels. In fact, the mercury content in Bluehouse Salmon is 31x lower than FDA’s allowable concentration in fish.

Luckily, Bluehouse Salmon checks all the boxes for helping immunity, nutrition, and the environment. Bluehouse Salmon is raised on land in bluehouses which mimics the natural environment of fish, and there is NO contamination from our oceans. This is a very safe and clean product– the bluehouses use 95% pure water, and 99% of it is recycled and filtered with a low carbon footprint.

I am so excited to say that Bluehouse Salmon is Dr. Jen approved and American Heart Association “Heart-check Certified!”

– Dr. Jen

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