Bluehouse Salmon and Your Heart Health

Jan 7 2021


Salmon is jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients that can help keep your whole body healthy. Most notably, it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are a great contributor to heart health.

Now on to some facts:
· Eating salmon can help physically active adults increase metabolic rates
· Salmon is a good source of Vitamin B6 which can aid in sleep and reduce anxiety
· Salmon contains DHA which is shown to help boast baby brain power

For athletes, our Omega-3 rich salmon is not only a delicious source of protein, but it is also shown to help repair muscles, aid as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and regulate hunger hormones. It is recommended that adults eat at least 8 ounces of omega-3 rich fish a week, and with so many recipe options available on our website it’s easy to fit in a serving of Bluehouse salmon. Try one of our recipes HERE.

Bluehouse salmon is also great for pregnant women and for children. For pregnant women salmon can help decrease the risk of depression during and after pregnancy. For children, salmon helps promote sleep, reduce anxiety and increase cognitive function. The FDA recommends children eat 2-3 servings of salmon a week. Don’t be discouraged if your kids don’t like it the first time around, it can take as many as 15 times of trying a food before kids get comfortable with it.

Tasty and good for you, Bluehouse salmon is rich in omega-3s and other heart-healthy nutrients. Find Bluehouse salmon at a store near you:

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