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Bluehouse, green planet

In our Bluehouses, our salmon swim healthy and happy. It’s how we keep our planet green, and our waters beautifully blue.

Think of a Bluehouse like a greenhouse. A greenhouse gives plants an ideal environment — and our Bluehouses do the same for salmon. In our land-based Bluehouses, our fish swim healthy, happy, and stress-free. As a result, we can all feast while our oceans thrive.

Our story

Our team comes together from all over the globe. Our mission? To raise salmon happy, healthy — and in a way that’s truly sustainable. To do it, we invented the fish farm of the future.

Our journey began in the small village of Hvide Sande, Denmark. Over the course of 10 years, we innovated and refined, learned lessons and celebrated successes. Today, we’ve raised 25 generations of salmon in our Bluehouse in Denmark, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon with our brand-new facility in Miami, Florida.

Bluehouse Salmon is proud to innovate in Florida.

Proud to innovate in the sunshine state

We are proud to be an American innovator, and the newest contributor to the rich agricultural heritage of Florida. In our Denmark facility, we proved that innovative, on-shore technology could produce delicious salmon. In our Florida facility, we further support the environment by bringing our salmon closer to the largest market for our fish.

In the near future, it will be as natural for consumers to prefer salmon from Florida as it is for them to seek lobsters from Maine and potatoes from Idaho. We’re proud to grow a sustainable industry in Florida that leverages the state’s natural fit for aquaculture innovation.

Raised in the USA

Bluehouse Salmon is your new superfood

Planet Friendly

Our salmon is pink, and Bluehouse is green. Our USA-raised salmon use up fewer resources than other agriculture.

No Bad Stuff

We take pressure off ocean environments and avoid the wastes, hormones, microplastics, parasites, pesticides, and antibiotics associated with sea-based fish farming.

Goodbye Microplastics

Bluehouse waters — and Bluehouse Salmon — are raised in waters free of microplastics.

Hello Water Conservation

Our advanced water systems mean we use 99% recycled and filtered water, and release no harmful toxins into ocean waters.

A Safe Source

With Bluehouse Salmon, you’ll always know exactly where your salmon is coming from. We can trace each and every fish from egg to plate. That means you can, too.

Efficiency Experts

Salmon are efficient growers: just 1 lb of food results in 1 lb of growth in these fish. Plus, the acreage needed to raise our salmon is much less than that required for herd animals.

Renewables Ready

Bluehouses run on electricity. In our Denmark facility, more than 50% comes from renewable sources — we hope to follow suit in our Florida facility as business matures.

Lower Emissions

Our USA-raised salmon, distributed by truck from Florida to eaters across the USA, reaches you at a fraction of the carbon footprint of imported salmon.

Fish Friendly

We’re good to our fish, and for wild fish as well. Bluehouse Salmon is rated Best Choice by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program and recommended by Ocean Wise.

Chilly Waters

Our deep tanks are crystal clear, kept at the chilly temps our fish prefer, offer the perfect salinity, and continually give our salmon fresh currents to swim against.

Wildly Helpful

Choosing Bluehouse Salmon protects wild fish in two ways: first, it helps conserve wild fish populations by decreasing demand, and second, it protects wild fish habitats.

Space to School

There’s plenty of space to swim, dive, and jump. We give our salmon room to range with a density ratio of 95% water, 5% fish — but their natural social behavior is to school together.

Calm and Caring

We tend our fish carefully, providing the continual feeding, calm surroundings, and seasonal rhythms they need for healthy growth and happy swimming.

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